Welcome to the Scalpel Project Website

Scalpel stands for source code analysis, libre and portable library. This is a C++ library which aims to perform full syntax and semantic analysis of any given C++ program.

Scalpel is free software, released under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL), version 3. That means I'd like as many people as possible to help and contribute to this library, to make our free development tools even better!

The project is currently under active development. For further information, let yourself be guided through the website by the menu on your left.

Florian Goujeon
Scalpel Project Leader

Feature Matrix

While the news section gives a somewhat approximate view of Scalpel's development progress, the mailing lists and the source code itself may need some deciphering.

The new feature matrix is a good compromise. It provides a both detailed and accessible summary of the current implemented features.

Scalpel is open to contributions!

The contributor documentation is finally online! You'll be able to know everything about the current Scalpel design.

I've also decided to share with you my expectations for the future of Scalpel. See the new introduction and long-term goal pages.

Two mailing lists (scalpel-dev and scalpel-users) and an IRC channel have been set up for the community.

I've migrated the Git repository from BerliOS to GitHub, which provides a sexier bug tracking system and a better interface to Git.

At last, I've shaken up the navigation menu to integrate all these new items. Because of some issues and limitations, I've migrated the website from Joomla! to Drupal as well.

Thanks to Alp Mestan for his help.

Want to contribute? We're waiting for you!

Switch to LGPL

As you may notice, there hasn't been any new revision since a couple months. Even if I don't have as much time as before to give to the project, I certainly don't want it to die. Scalpel isn't usable yet, but it's a fairly advanced work in progress.

This is why I believe it's time to open the project to the community. I want to encourage as many competent people as possible to contribute to it.

However, as you may know, the GNU GPL prevents proprietary software programmers (or more exactly non-GPL software programmers) to use such licensed libraries in their works. Whether we support free software or not, the result is that Scalpel will be less used, less tested, less reviewed and eventually less good.

To make Scalpel better (or simply to keep it alive), I decided to switch the project under the GNU LGPL license.

Why not BSD or Boost Software license?

A simpler and less restrictive license such as the BSDL or the BSL would be more convenient for users. However, I believe Scalpel is still too young and unknown for it. There is a risk for Scalpel to be forked to a closed-source program that I don't want to take.

What's next?

Of course, switching to the LGPL is not enough to found a community. The next step for me is the writting of the developer documentation Scapel has always lacked.

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